How to tell if a Girl/Guy is a Virgin

So, I was having a conversation with a few friends when a few of my male friends swore up and down that they could tell if a girl was a virgin or not. I was greatly interested in this topic and was dying to know how they could tell. I heard everything from the way she walks, to the way she opens her legs when a guy climbs between her, to the finger test. I decided to research a few of these claims and I must say I found out a lot more than I expected. I even came across a video where a woman claims she can determine if a guy is a virgin or not (I’ll save that one for last).

She’s NOT a virgin if:

*all of these are claims

1. When she walks she’ll walk with her legs wider apart.

Apparently non-virgins walk with their legs closer together. Now, I’ve heard that when I was back in high school, but as I got older I dismissed it completely. After some research I was right to dismiss it. You can’t tell if a girl is a virgin that way because we all walk different and the way you walk is determined by your physical build. So that claim is DISMISSED.

2.  Her butt suddenly becomes rounder and fuller.

If a girl is having sex, more so if she’s receiving sex in the doggy-style position, her butt will begin to grow. Again. I’ve heard this claim before and I actually believed it for a while. I researched it and it is so NOT TRUE. A woman’s hips or butt will not grow due to sex in the doggy-style position. It’s either going to stay the same or grow smaller due to all the calories you’re burning. If this were true then a lot of girls with flat butts are still virgins.

3.  She opens her leg when a guy climbs between her in a certain way.

This comment was just complete nonsense in my opinion. I had never heard this before so I wanted to hear exactly what my friend had to say about this claim. Apparently if a guy climbs between a girl and she opens her legs widely and thrusts her hips up so he can position himself comfortably/right, she’s not a virgin. A virgin will naturally shyly open her legs or not enough that the guy has to pry them open. If I were you I would NOT PAY ATTENTION to this claim. He swears up and down that every non-virgin/virgin that he has been with has done this exact thing. Sureee.

4. The Finger Test

So, “The Finger Test” is when a guy tries to put his fingers inside of a girl. Apparently if he can put two or three fingers in you, while slowly thrusting (assuming that you’re at the right level of wetness), and you lay there comfortably as if it’s nothing then you’re not a virgin. If you are a virgin then two fingers will make you wince a bit, but you’ll be able to take it and three will be entirely too much. Also, a guy can tell how tight you are by putting his fingers inside of you. Research did not really help at all on this claim. There is a such thing as the virginity test, the two-finger-test,  and it is done in other countries to determine the vaginal laxity, but it’s a subjective test. So, I’m going to conclude this as a SUBJECTIVE claim.  I’m not 100% convinced that any of it has a solid base.

5. Actually having sex with the girl

By the end of the conversation they all agreed that the best way to tell is to just have sex with the girl. Sex with a virgin will be extremely tight, borderline one of the best feelings ever, and the majority of the process will be her wincing/screaming/moaning in pain. I guess this could be true, I mean how could I possibly know, I’m a virgin. (This gives me an idea for my next post.)

Other claims online that have been made are: hair between the eyebrows disappears when a girl loses her virginity, a girl’s breast becomes larger after she loses her virginity, a girl who has had sex will have a “certain look” on her face and a virgin will certainly bleed the first time she has sex.

A Guy is a virgin if:

So, there’s this woman who claims she can tell if a guy is a virgin by checking behind his ears and his pulse rate. If a guy has red spots behind his ears then he’s a virgin. WHAT THE HELL?!?! Check the video out.

If that’s the case then I want to check behind all my brother’s ears to make sure they aren’t having sex.

With that said I don’t believe that anyone can actually tell if someone is a virgin or not. I always thought that you could tell if a girl was a virgin if her hymen broke during sex and she bled, but apparently that’s not always the case. Every girl doesn’t bleed. I guess it just boils down to you having to trust what your partner says.

8 thoughts on “How to tell if a Girl/Guy is a Virgin

  1. Virgin have a babish kiddish look …either boy or girl they look like babies. Girls will smile more boys also the same.Girls will bleed if it’s their 1st sex. Boys will be mild in their 1st sex.

    • Honestly, I don’t think you really can tell. Maybe if she starts doing a lot of new tricks in the bedroom and starts showing signs at being a “pro” at the art of making love…maybeeee she’s doing the deed with someone else lol. But in all seriousness, that has everything to do with your gut feeling. I’m sure one day when you two are having sex you’re going to say, “Wait, it feels like you’ve had another man in here!” I mean, you just don’t hear things like that lol! When it’s all said and done, just enjoy your relationship and don’t question the idea of her having sex with someone else unless she gives you a reason to.

  2. If she IS a virgin: 1)she will be so immature that she’ll laugh with anything except dirty jokes(a virgin cannot understand a dirt joke since she is innocent) 2)she will ask you/tell you about her or yours dreams because Virgins are dreaming a lot 3)she will NOT adopt the ‘swag’ slutty style f.e lot of make up,pierces on belly button/ears/tongue and of course she won’t have 200 likes per photo on social network no matter how many friends she has,a virgin is NEVER kinky and never so famous like the other girls in her age who already had sex. If she is NOT a virgin: 1)she will not mind kissing you with tongue from the first date(non-vergin girls are always kinky and not so naive like the pure ones)and lastly 2)she will tell you about her ex’s with no remorse(since she has nothing to hide if she already had done it before)I mean,a non-virgin girl already had her erotic experiences so she will be no shy every time you hang out together,she will be OK with public kisses.That’s all I can tell:-)

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  4. according to my experiance,after having sex,a girls becomes serious….her respect for males is gone….she keeps on thinking about her experiance…as if she has done some sin…if for first time…when it becomes a routine job…her fear is gone..she becomes arrogant…….same is the case with males(juvenile one)……..

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